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Ride the Waves - Jenni Tan.jpg


“Creativity has no limits”

My life underwent a profound transformation when I made the life-changing decision to relocate to Switzerland. This significant move reshaped my surroundings and opened the doors to a world of outdoor adventures and breathtaking landscapes that have since become the wellspring of my artistic inspiration.

Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my journey has been deeply influenced by my professional background in dance, which eventually guided me toward a realm of artistic expression encompassing fine arts and textiles. My artistic odyssey can be traced back to my early encounters, nurtured by a creatively inclined upbringing. However, it was upon my arrival in Switzerland that I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to the relentless pursuit of honing my craft, continuously exploring and expanding the boundaries of my artistic expression.

In my practice, I favor large canvases, with acrylics as my preferred medium. I use brushwork and textures to convey the depth of my emotions. Beyond traditional painting, I also venture into the captivating world of textile art. Incorporating various textures and sewing techniques into my artworks, I push the boundaries of creativity, further enriching the tapestry of my artistic expression.

My artistic journey is a fusion of diverse influences, a harmonious blend of my Malaysian heritage, my dance background, and the awe-inspiring beauty of Switzerland's landscapes. Through my art, I strive to transport viewers into the depths of my emotions and the vibrant tapestry of my experiences, inviting them to embark on their own visual and emotional odyssey.

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