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"Ride the Waves"
24x36" (92 x 61cm)
Stretched Canvas Giclée Prints

Waves embody both danger and the allure of opportunity. Moreover, it symbolizes the constant cycle of growth, renewal, and transformation.


I endeavored to encapsulate the very essence of these mighty waves. Employing deliberate strokes with long and thick brushwork, I sought to convey their immense power. Through the strategic use of just two contrasting colors, black and white, I aimed to create a visually striking representation that captures these majestic forces of nature.

"Ride the Waves" Stretched Canvas Giclée Print

  • Featuring high-quality giclée prints on canvas stretched over a custom wooden frame. Guarantees the artwork first-class longevity, which is respected by art galleries and museums alike.

    For custom sizes, please feel free to contact me without hesitation. I am more than happy to accommodate your specific needs and preferences.

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