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The “AHA” Moments - My First Solo Art Exhibition

Updated: Mar 22

Opening speech in both English and Swiss German

It was a privilege to host my first solo art exhibition at the Aeschbachalle in Aarau—a former industrial bread-making factory transformed into a vibrant community center, often hosting regional events and national conventions. The venue was not only perfect but also conveniently located within walking distance from my home.

Spanning two days, the exhibition showcased a total of 45 artworks, ranging from the grandest 100x200cm pieces to the most intimate 15x15cm creations, representing approximately two years of work in my modest apartment in Aarau. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my partner, whose unwavering support included transporting the majority of my paintings by car. However, two of the larger pieces proved too cumbersome for vehicular transport, leading us to embark on a short journey on foot to deliver them to the venue—fortunately, just a few minutes away.

Artworks are displayed in the historical industrial event space at the Aeschbachalle

The vernissage proved to be a resounding success, with light refreshments offered to our esteemed guests and friends. Following the reception, attendees ascended to the exhibition space, where Marcel Wagner, our curator, arranged the paintings with an open-concept approach, eschewing traditional wall partitions. Floating canvases created an airy and light-filled atmosphere, complementing the industrial backdrop adorned with subtle graffiti markings. Meanwhile, my textile artworks were showcased against black walls, enhancing the drama of their three-dimensional forms through the interplay of shadows cast by carefully positioned lighting.

The reactions of our friends, family & guests were priceless.

Feedback on my "BERG DER BERGE" series and textile art pieces was overwhelmingly positive, with particular resonance found in "BERG DER BERGE #9." Hearing how this piece touched the hearts of viewers, evoking memories of cherished places from their past, filled me with a profound sense of accomplishment. It affirmed that my mission and purpose as an artist were indeed on track.

This experience served as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of art—to transport individuals to realms of memory and emotion, blurring the lines between giver and receiver. It underscores the profound connection forged through human experiences, where reality intertwines with the ethereal realm of dreams.

A special thanks to Sabina, Samaia, Carmelo, Dave, Filip, and Marcel for making this dream a reality.

Threaded Embrace#11: We are all connected and intertwined in the embrace of light's frequency. Without one another, there would only be emptiness and void. - Jenni Tan

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