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Acrylic on Canvas
20 x 20cm


Magnolia, the nostalgic haven of our family gatherings, where your expansive branches provided a comforting shade under your lush green canopy. I reminisce about those moments when we gathered during special occasions, enveloped in the sweet embrace of your mid-March to early April blooms. Yet, I wonder, has this rhythm endured each passing year, or have the seasons and times shifted, altering the cadence of your floral symphony?


Your fragrant essence once lingered in the air, a timeless aroma that echoed through our memories. But now I ponder, has it gently faded into the distance, becoming a whisper of the past? How I yearn for the sight of your majestic blooms and the days of our childhood, where we climbed your sturdy branches, feeling invincible in our youthful innocence.


Where have you retreated, dear Magnolia? Have the winds of time prompted your departure, signaling a changing chapter in the book of nature? As I stand beneath your absent boughs, I can't help but wonder if it's time to bid farewell or if you're merely preparing for a new appearance.



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