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Acrylic on Canvas
20 x 20cm


In my formative years, the allure of Claude Monet's Water Lilies and his enchanting impressionist style left an indelible imprint on my artistic journey. The mesmerizing dance of his brushstrokes, the symphony of colors inspired by the ever-changing light of day—these continue to captivate and astonish me.


In my latest creation, I sought to channel the spirit of Monet, imagining what it would be like to view the world through his lens during that illustrious era. The result is my own interpretation of water lilies, albeit on a much smaller scale. This departure from the grandeur of Monet's expansive canvases presents its own set of challenges.


Accustomed to the bold strokes of a larger canvas, adapting to a smaller scale requires a recalibration of my artistic approach. This shift has become a lesson in patience, demanding a gentle touch and a steady hand for each brushstroke. Surprisingly, these constraints have given birth to a newfound appreciation for detail and intimacy, infusing my work with a personal touch that might have been overlooked in larger format.


As I navigate this artistic terrain, I am compelled to view these delicate water lilies through a more intimate lens. In embracing the challenges of a smaller canvas, I hope to convey a unique perspective—a glimpse into the delicate beauty of these flowers with an inspired touch reminiscent of Claude Monet himself.

Water Lily


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