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Acrylic on Canvas

24 x 30cm


Capturing the essence of Stargazer Oriental Lilies against a deep, moody blue backdrop, I opted for a pastel palette to let the flowers steal the spotlight. The composition intrigued me, with one petal gracefully arching downwards, while its counterpart reached upwards.

I chose this setup because it beautifully symbolizes the stages of growth. The upward-facing lilies portray the youthful, yet-to-bloom confidence, while their downward-facing counterparts exude the full glory of maturity. It's like a young person awaiting their time to shine, and another already in full bloom, displaying humility and experience.

I poured a lot of attention into the intricate details of the petals, using short brushstrokes to bring out the richness of each blossom. This artwork not only celebrates the beauty of Stargazer Oriental Lilies but also tells a tale of growth, maturity, and the wisdom that comes with embracing humility.


Stargazer Oriental Lilies


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