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Threaded Embrace #1

Paper and thread


36 x 48cm



Intuitively curated through a delicate interplay of paper folds and thread


In this series, this piece is deeply influenced by Sheila Hicks' groundbreaking work in experimental weavings and sculptural textiles. I draw inspiration from her mastery of three-dimensional forms and intricate textile creations.


In this particular textile piece, I explore various compositions through the meticulous process of 36 paper cuts, resulting in 12 distinct arrangements. Employing 100% cotton thread, I intuitively devised a repetitive sewing style that evokes the aesthetic of a corset, infusing the artwork with a sense of structure and allure.


The corset-like appearance captivated my imagination, prompting me to fully commit to the meticulously planned compositions.

Threaded Embrace #1

  • The Textile Artwork does not come framed, but we recommend visiting your local frame shop to create a stunning 3-inch beige border and a white frame for a beautiful presentation.

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