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Threaded Embrace #4

Paper and Thread


29 x 36cm



I explore the idea of the eye as a gateway to the soul, provoking introspection and contemplation.


I wholeheartedly embrace a minimalist approach in my series "Threaded Embrace", melding the delicate mediums of paper and thread in perfect unison & harmony.


Employing corset-like threading techniques, I intuitively weave the threads on both sides of the sewing, resulting in a visually balanced and harmonious composition. 15 meticulously hand-cut paper pieces, each thoughtfully placed within 5 arrangements.


The abstract depiction of an eye evokes a profound sense of tranquility, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a serene and contemplative experience.


Threaded Embrace #4

  • The Textile Artwork does not come framed, but we recommend visiting your local frame shop to create a stunning 3-inch beige border and a white frame for a beautiful presentation.

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